Unlock your future with the Unified Digital Framework™

A revolutionary system integration solution to conquer modern data complexity and power your enterprise program. Prioritize your goals and people over tools and integrate and organize your systems with ease.

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Data volumes and system complexity have become overwhelming.

At REDspace, we know the challenge of integrating systems into a unified workflow can be overwhelming, especially in a fortified, distributed environment across a dynamic number of devices. Your approach has to be compliant, innovative, and cost-sensitive while limited resources mean fewer users do more with less.

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A next-generation Integrated Data Environment solution.

REDspace’s Unified Digital Framework™ offers a next-generation Integrated Data Environment (IDE) solution—IDEs purpose-built for the Defence industry that act as the integration backbone of your operational and in-service support programs. It empowers results-driven workflows through multi-platform User Experiences (UX) that put your people first. Not your tools.

Multiple devices show how Unified would display the same integrated data across each device.

Make better decisions, faster.

Make better decisions, faster, with actionable knowledge underpinned by cutting-edge AI innovations. Our experience in diverse regulated industries like energy, corporate learning, and media has helped us forge a flexible, modular solution designed to find cost efficiencies. With our Unified Digital Framework™, harness a secure, compliant architecture ready for deployment across multiple operational settings and finally unlock the power of your data.

Bring digital transformation to your organization with the Unified Digital Framework™

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Conquer data confusion

Measure and improve program outcomes for today and tomorrow by deciphering intricate data effortlessly, providing clear insights and understanding to make informed decisions in the digital landscape.

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Focus on UX

Embrace a seamless experience that empowers you to harness the combined power of your integrated systems across all devices.

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Secure & resilient

Stringent measures and robust protocols ensure the utmost protection of sensitive information, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and data integrity.

Bring your vision to life.

There’s never been a better time to bring digital transformation to your business. With multiple options available to build a collaborative relationship, solving big problems and reimagining how you connect with your customer can be easier than ever.