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MTV Gifit

Allowing over 30,000 viewers to capture their favourite gif-worthy MTV Video Music Awards moments in real time.

Who doesn’t love finding the perfect .gif to share with their friends? Well, what better way to increase online engagement during a live event, full of shareable content, than MTV’s very own animated gif maker built by REDspace? 

The Ask

MTV was looking to increase engagement during live events through share-worthy content during the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only on the site itself, but also to trend on other social channels to encourage new visitors.

The Solution

And thus, GifIt was born. REDspace developed a gif-maker/server that could take video content from multi-camera applications during the live event and allow viewers to create their own, customized three-second animated gifs in real time. Users were then able to share their awesome custom gifs on social media and include a live event hashtag which helped increase site visitation. From Miley’s tongue wagging to NSYNC’s reunion, there was a ton of great content being talked about through gifs on all social channels. Now that’s a lot of twerking.


The Results

Apart from enjoying the live event, viewers were furiously keying in their favourite moments 20 seconds after it aired live, and just as quickly sharing their gifs on social media and blog channels. MTV expected to see 8,000 gifs as a target success metric, and in testing, our technology was able to process 1500 gifs per minute, resulting in over 30,000 unique gifs being made.

Due to its success, the component is still available on to create gifs all year long based on their On Demand content as well as during live events.

Nick App

Changing the children's entertainment landscape with the Emmy award-winning Nick app


 What do you do when you are leaders in your industry and there isn't really anything higher than hitting the top? You push the limits. So when Nickelodeon had the chance to completely change the way kids experience content, that's exactly what they did. But not without a little help from us.

The Ask

Nickelodeon was looking to go beyond a typical app that offers free video viewing. An app that also offered more interactive content, games, and video not seen on television - whenever and wherever the user wants it.


The Solution

REDspace helped enhance the original iOS version of the Nick app. Shortly after its successful release, we recreated the award-winning app for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire.

The app features a movable tile layout that can be swiped in any direction, promoting exploration as well as offering the user instant and on-demand access to more than 1,000 pieces of Nickelodeon-themed content.

The technical build relied upon a strongly architected base layer. This base also incorporates background resource layout, caching, concurrent and priority-driven resource fetching, memory management, automatic asset downsampling, and a multi-threading layer was developed to super-charge the end-user experience. And boy, did it ever do just that.

“This app is so cool! I passed out with laughter when I clicked the do not push button!”
- Behvan Felius, Android app user

The Results

Kids everywhere were enjoying fun, interactive content, and it didn’t go unnoticed. The Nick App for iOS won the prestigious 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – User Experience and Visual Design.

The app also received excellent reviews by and its fans. The Amazon AppStore saw 50% of all reviewers give the app five stars. Amongst its entertainment app competitors, the Nick App ranked number one not once, but twice in an eight-month period on the Apple App Store, and has been added to demo devices in US Apple stores.


for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media - User Experience and Visual Design


twice on Apple App Store amongst its entertainment app competitors


50% of Amazon AppStore Reviews


Added to all US Apple Stores demo iPads


IBM Advanced Sales Coaching


IBM sales leaders use interactive web experience to engage with training information.

People learn in many different ways, even if they do the exact same job. This is why IBM and REDspace teamed up to create a truly engaging gamified experience to enhance its sellers’ coaching skills. Because hey, why not make learning fun?

The Ask

IBM was looking for a tool to help their sales leaders enhance their coaching and mentoring skills. Since sales leaders have limited time, and because there are many potential topic areas, IBM needed a way to provide a variety of information to many people in a quick and engaging way.


The Solution

Like many projects, this was a time where multiple REDspace departments – design, games, web development – brought their expertise to the table in a collaboration masterpiece. IBM Advanced Sales Coaching, a responsive web platform built by REDspace, provides a more interactive experience for users.

Through breaking down the information into specific bundles, it allows the users to pick and choose the topics they want to learn more about. Gamified elements are incorporated and the users earn points upon completing quizzes at the end of each topic. Special activities within bundles, such as video simulations and a “Show what you name” game, allow users to enjoy a varied experience and also show their mastery in different ways. The more points a user has, the higher their rank. A special “Practice and Feedback” activity ties the site in with a real face to face meeting between the user and a “Coach”. The animated design of the quizzes and other elements makes exploring the content fun and engaging, while different colours show your progress within the bundle components.

Also, to cater to different types of learners and keep engagement levels high, the content is delivered in multiple forms from video to documents.


The Results

The site is currently in pilot with over 600 users, and will eventually be shared with the target audience of over 6000 users. Initial user feedback is positive, and it is anticipated that the majority of the 600 pilot users will have completed at least three bundles by the end of the 2015. Once more bundles are added and the site is deployed to the full target audience, the benefits for sales managers and their sellers are expected to be huge. Stay tuned!

Cartoon Network Anything

Creating over 100 incredibly addicting micro-games for Cartoon Network Anything app.


What kid (or adult) isn’t attached to their mobile devices nowadays? With more and more young people’s time being spent on their phones, Cartoon Network released an award-winning app for iOS and Android jam-packed with awesome content, including over 100 micro-games by REDspace.


The Ask

The Anything app hosts short 10-15 second clips from the network’s most popular shows. When Cartoon Network needed to create the content, naturally, REDspace’s games team fit into the equation perfectly. With our experience in producing HTML5 games in Haxe and the Flambe framework for Nickelodeon,, and HarperCollins, REDspace was initially tasked with producing 60 HTML5 micro-games.

The Solution

Now, the process of creating 10-20 micro-games alone is tough. You can imagine REDspace’s games team had to pull out all the stops and really flex its creative muscles in order create 60 original micro-game concepts, but we were more than up for the challenge. Once the creative concepts were approved, the REDspace games team hit the ground running with the development, design, audio engineering, and QA of all 60 games in three short months. 



The Results

Cartoon Network was so happy with the first 60 games, we have since created an additional 55 games for the app.

The app and the games have been delighting end-users all around the USA and the app was recently named one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2014 as well as awarded the Kidscreen iKids Award for Best Smartphone Game App 2015.


Providing people with physical disabilities help at their fingertips.

When filmmaker Jason DaSilva, who lives with primary-progressive multiple sclerosis, struggled to get himself around popular businesses in his wheelchair, he knew things had to change. And REDspace is no stranger when it comes to spearheading change.

The Ask

Jason DaSilva wanted to initiate and implement significant change in order to assist people with mobility issues in locating accessible amenities in busy metropolitan areas. But in order to make his dream come true, he needed a little help from his friends at REDspace to build the tool necessary to make it happen. 


The Solution

Built by REDspace, AXS Map is a first-of-its-kind responsive website and mobile app, that gives people with disabilities the power to share knowledge with anyone, anywhere and find places that accommodate their needs. Powered by Google Maps, the website and mobile App enable users to rate on a five-star scale the wheelchair accessibility of local businesses and hangouts. Much like Yelp and other crowd sourcing platforms, the more data that users contribute, the more useful the app becomes.

The Results

With the help of REDspace, AXS Map has gone from a great idea to a celebrated digital tool and has helped thousands. AXS Map has been featured in Oprah magazine, on the Sanjay Gupta M.D. health program on CNN, and in Time magazine.

In addition to the international praise, the app was also a 2014 Digi Awards Finalist for Best Mobile Utility.