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Join the world of premium streaming apps with Shubi.

Whether you’re launching a new product, exploring new platforms, rewriting an existing app, or resolving technical debt, our streaming solution can help us get you there fast, on budget, and with performance that some of the best in the industry dream of.

What streams are made of.
Viewer uses a Shuby built app on a large television.

Give your video content the home it deserves.

Level up your digital content delivery with Shubi™; a multi-platform foundation that helps us build apps that incorporate top-tier features from leading streaming apps. It’s a white-label streaming solution designed for flexibility and innovation—making premium experiences more accessible and affordable than ever.


Based on REDspace’s 20+ years of crafting platforms for industry giants, Shubi is a modular, customizable toolkit that goes above and beyond; helping us tailor a streaming experience on par with global leaders, but still feels uniquely you.

Wow your audience and change the way you think about streaming. Get started with Shubi today!

What makes Shubi special?

Shubi is packed with premium features, and backed by an expert team that’s built platforms for companies like Paramount, HarperCollins, Sinclair, and many more. It makes sure you don’t just meet industry standards for quality and performance; it raises the bar. Following platform best practices and human interface guidelines, we prioritize intuitive user experiences that are unique to each platform’s requirements.


The difference is its leveraging of native SDKs on Apple and Android platforms, and building seamlessly on connected TVs with Metrological’s Lightning Framework. And the best part? This allows you to embrace the future by quickly adopting new features and easily jumping on platforms as they emerge.

Launch faster than you think.

With Shubi, get to your audience fast with a seamless streaming experience, no matter which device they choose. Our toolkit supports major platforms, including televisions, phones, tablets, and more. From Apple TV to Android TV—Shubi guarantees feature parity across platforms.


Plus, new platforms are always being added! Contact us to learn more about supported platforms.

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Low cost and unmatched value.

Shubi reduces ongoing maintenance costs for clients and de-risks and simplifies entry into new markets. We’re not just building an app for you; we’re building a strategic advantage that maximizes your budget and minimizes complexities.


We also know that business needs change and you shouldn’t be held back by available tech. With Shubi, you have the power and freedom to use whichever business model works best for you and you only pay for the platforms you need.

Trust in a proven codebase.

Want to avoid low user ratings on app stores? Have confidence in a well-tested product that follows platform best practices. Shubi offers highly tested code that follows industry standards, making it a stable streaming solution that you and your audience can rely on.

Bring your vision to life.

There’s never been a better time to bring digital transformation to your business. With multiple options available to build a collaborative relationship, solving big problems and reimagining how you connect with your customer can be easier than ever.