Solving the hardest problems for the world’s best brands.

At REDspace, we’ve built a reputation for top-notch expertise, earning the trust of global change leaders and companies of all sizes from across multiple industries. Our commitment isn’t just about being the best, it’s about empowering the best. This means our clients get to focus on what matters most—their business.

Flexible solutions designed for you.

A consultant mindset means we’re not tied to a single tech approach. Our strength is in knowing what’s possible and being able to assemble all the right tools to improve your existing business processes, not replace them. Every challenge is different and we understand that what you need today might change tomorrow and the next day and the next day… Instead of forcing specific technology on you, our approach gives us the ability to adapt and innovate to get the outcome you want.

Direct access to a team of experts.

We prioritize building trusted relationships of collaboration, not delivering projects. We cut out the unnecessary layers between you and our team, giving you direct access to our people. Experts that feel a sense of ownership over your product in the same way you do. We’re not interested in completing a checklist of tasks. We’re here to create things together with you.

People and knowledge are our business.

We’re committed to nurturing a talented team that thrives on solving major challenges for industry leaders. Our focus is on creating a culture that attracts and retains individuals who share our values—an environment where, together, we have the opportunity to be our best while helping our clients do the same.

Our innovation approach.

There’s a number of things that go into making us a trusted partner for innovation. For one, we put an emphasis on tech evolution (not revolution). Consistent steps forward, one day after the next, keeping us just ahead of technology so we can help our clients be ready for what’s next.


Team members at REDspace for over 10 years.


Average years industry experience.


Headquartered in Canada with a global reach.

Bring your vision to life.

There’s never been a better time to bring digital transformation to your business. With multiple options available to build a collaborative relationship, solving big problems and reimagining how you connect with your customer can be easier than ever.