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Providing the best learning experience—building technology platforms that deliver education to users around the world.

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Modern learning technologies.

REDspace uses cutting-edge tools and frameworks to engineer custom learning solutions that modernize and enhance your existing platforms. Whether you’re in a corporate or traditional academic setting, our custom solutions and integration experience can help you provide the features your learners expect.


Digital learning has evolved to meet the demands of remote work, virtual classrooms, and any number of devices. We specialize in helping large companies, universities, and instructional design teams modernize their experiences and content delivery.

Stay ahead of the tech.

We transition your existing learning delivery methods and material to modern digital platforms, creating secondary tools like mobile apps and administration dashboards. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology means your product stays relevant.

Customized learning management.

From customizing learning management systems like IBM Kenexa, SABA, and Moodle to augmenting instructional design with 3D modeling, we can build or augment your existing platform to get the engagement you want. Using everything from bite-sized microlearning interactions to interactive video lectures with assignments and quizzes.

Ed tech for young learners.

We understand the unique technical challenges in this space and the need for adaptive learning solutions for young users. Our unique, compelling, and high-value experiences exist inside safe environments for young users to explore and learn. We also help international brands deliver COPPA compliant content using state-of-the-art technologies across a wide range of platforms, making sure children everywhere have access to safe and quality educational software.

A collage of tablet designs from the kids' app, Dotopedia. Designed by REDspace.
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Talk to a Learning expert.

At REDspace, we have experts that understand the unique challenges you face in your industry. Contact a specialist directly who can answer questions you might have and help you get started today.