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Your industry doesn’t stand still and neither do we. Working with REDspace gives you access to a list of services that continue to grow with you, your audience, and the fast moving tech landscape.

Explore our current list of services

  • Video delivery & end-to-end streaming solutions

    The world’s best video delivery and streaming solutions, trusted by media giants worldwide to seamlessly connect their content with global audiences.

  • Architecture & consulting

    Move one step closer towards efficiency and innovation with our expert architecture and consulting services.

  • Data science, analytics & reporting

    Get the knowledge to make informed decisions with our cutting-edge data science, analytics, and reporting solutions.

  • Ad tech & monetization models

    Maximize your content’s value by reaching and unlocking new paths of revenue with our ad tech and monetization models.

  • AI & machine learning

    Transform data into actionable knowledge applied to real word problems with our AI and machine learning approach.

  • Web development

    Marketing websites or web apps for your business can be powerful tools to showcase your brand, connect with your audience, and make a lasting impact online.

  • Mobile app development

    From video streaming services to second screen consumer experiences using augmented reality, we help keep audiences engaged and entertained on any device.

  • UX & UI design

    Shape extraordinary user experiences with our UX and UI Design expertise—blending creativity and functionality to grab your audience.

  • Quality assurance & testing

    Elevate your product’s performance and user satisfaction with our quality assurance and testing services.

  • Cloud & security

    Safeguard your digital world while unlocking the huge potential of the cloud with our integrated cloud and security solutions.

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Video & Streaming

REDspace is a leading global media services partner at the frontline of streaming development in the entertainment and learning industries.

  • End-to-end TV app design & development (FAST, AVOD, and SVOD)
  • Video players & services
  • Video encoding pipelines
  • Video, OTT & streaming platforms
(Roku, tvOS, FireTV, Android, Tizen, WebOS)
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Modern, scalable app development

Expand your reach and engage your audience with cutting-edge progressive experiences—delivering lightning-fast performance, state-of-the-art features, and seamless accessibility on any device.

  • Native mobile application development
(iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter)
  • Voice applications
(Alexa, Google Home, iOS)
  • Cross-platform libraries & frameworks
Leveraging AI to be usable and useful for you.

Harness the power of AI to lift your business to new heights. We can help you navigate the complicated tech landscape—taking advantage of AI to work within your ecosystem, improving the everyday lives of you and your customers so you can stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive market.

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End-to-end web development

User-friendly designs paired with performance-driven features are delivered to transform your web presence into an engaging story.

  • Websites & applications
  • React, Angular, Node, PWA
  • Content management integration
  • Unity, HTML5, WebGL
A young scientist uses the power of AI to benefit her research.

Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Our heart lies in staying at the edge of technological evolution, continuously exploring new technologies that could make your life easier someday soon.

  • Cloud architectures & devops
  • Data Analytics
  • AI and machine learning
  • Architecture & consulting
  • AR/VR
  • Automated & manual testing
A UX designer creates wireframe sketches.

UX & UI Design

Our design approach is based in storytelling, focused on the optimal solution between you and your customers, always considering specific data and goals when making decisions.

  • Intuitive user experiences
  • High quality, engaging interface design
  • User-centered design approach
  • Accessibility and inclusivity

Bring your vision to life.

There’s never been a better time to bring digital transformation to your business. With multiple options available to build a collaborative relationship, solving big problems and reimagining how you connect with your customer can be easier than ever.