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Take on new challenges and growth in renewable energy with custom software that integrates and streamlines your processes and enables AI innovations by centralizing your data.

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Evolving in the energy sector.

At REDspace, we integrate cutting-edge tools and frameworks to engineer tailored software platforms designed to meet the unique needs of the energy industry. We’re committed to finding the right custom solutions for you to make sure your workflows are optimized and the risk of human error is mitigated. Solutions that augment and build off of the hard work you’ve already done, rather than replacing it.

Discover what we can do together.

Shape the future of energy through strategic tech investments and the shared goal of digital transformation.

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Automate workflows

Harnessing machine learning, algorithms, and automation, our intelligent systems optimize energy industry operations. Paired with cutting-edge UX and software, this means seamless interaction with cycle-pipelines to ensure environmental safety.

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Increase efficiencies

Leveraging machine learning and automation, our systems can optimize business operations, giving you cost savings through streamlined processes and efficient workflows.

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Cyber resilience

Keep systems safe while still allowing interoperability and effective use. Identify and organize your priorities and apply cybersecurity best practices appropriately, allowing you to assess and understand your risks of using different technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to lift your organization to new heights.

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A NatGasHub EDI Integration Partner.

Simplify, secure, reduce errors, and increase the efficiency of your LNG Nominations. As a NatGasHub Integration Partner we can integrate your existing and legacy ETRM systems with NatGasHub’s NAESB-certified gas nomination software to streamline your NOM submission process. We support integrations with Allegro, Endur and other ETRMS.

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Talk to an Energy expert.

At REDspace, we have experts that understand the unique challenges you face in your industry. Contact a specialist directly who can answer questions you might have and help you get started today.