Shining a light on mental wellness in youth.

April 19, 2024

In an exciting collaboration aimed at enhancing mental wellness in Nova Scotian youth, REDspace is proud to announce our partnership with acclaimed artist Holly Carr to update the design and build of her Light in the Forest App. This innovative project combines art, nature, sound, and technology to provide a holistic approach to mental well-being for young individuals across Nova Scotia.

A bit about Holly Carr.

Holly Carr, a renowned artist from Canning, Nova Scotia, has long been passionate about using her art as a tool for healing and self-expression, particularly in the world of mental health. With her captivating silk paintings and immersive installations, Holly creates spaces of tranquility and introspection, offering comfort to people navigating the complexities of modern life. 


Please visit Holly’s website to learn more.

A beacon of hope in the wilderness.

The Light in the Forest App was originally crafted by students at Acadia University, under the guidance of Professor Jamie Symonds and a team of talented computer science students. Designed to provide a serene sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life, the app offers users an immersive experience filled with interactive animations and tranquil forest sounds. But beyond its aesthetic, the app serves a much greater purpose—it acts as a guiding light, leading users to vital mental health resources within their own communities.

The journey forward.

When Holly Carr approached REDspace with a vision to enhance the existing app’s user experience, we knew it was a meaningful journey we wanted to be a part of—one that could impact the lives of countless young individuals across Nova Scotia, the province we’re based in. 


While staying respectful of the existing app’s strengths, we redesigned the app from the ground up and improved the app’s UX, making it more intuitive and adaptable to future expansions. By incorporating sound and video controls, we gave users more control over the experience, creating a space that aligns better with their needs and preferences. We also upgraded the app’s JavaScript framework to Vue 3 for improved performance and scalability, while modernizing the codebase to remove dependencies and enhance code standards.

Our goal is to ensure that no young person feels alone in their struggles.

Empowering Nova Scotian youth.

At the heart of our redesign efforts lies a commitment to empowering Nova Scotian youth on their journey towards mental wellness. By enhancing accessibility to nature and wellness resources through the interactive map feature, we’re enabling youth to explore the beauty of their surroundings while discovering invaluable support networks along the way. Whether it’s a serene hiking trail or a trusted mental health service, our goal is to ensure that no young person feels alone in their struggles.

A brighter future.

REDspace is proud to launch this new experience alongside our partnership with Holly Carr to build the Light in the Forest App. We’re so thankful to Holly for trusting us with this important project and for her dedication to supporting mental health through her art. And don’t forget to join us in spreading awareness of mental wellness by sharing the Light in the Forest App with the young people in your life!