See the power of Lightning™, from Metrological.

February 5, 2024

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Metrological is part of the Comcast telecommunications family. Their primary focus is building cloud-based TV application platforms for global multichannel video programming distributors and TV operators.


As more consumers embrace a mix of traditional TV and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, the amount of content across apps and services is massive. Because of this, Metrological recognizes that users want a seamless experience across streaming apps and TV services, even though the apps are created and operated by independent companies.


With Lightning™, you can have a more responsive and engaging TV experience. This lightweight, open-source framework from Metrological enables the development of high-performance UX for TV apps. You can streamline app development by creating and maintaining a single app deployed across various TV operators and devices. Optimized for embedded devices like set-top boxes, Lightning™ stands out among development frameworks, benefiting TV operators, content providers, developers, and viewers alike.


Because the framework can be deployed across platforms, apps, and devices, it reduces companies’ design, development, and maintenance complexity. With its “develop once, deploy widely” approach, Metrological is making it more economical and accessible for media companies to deliver content to millions of homes.

REDspace is a proud Lightning™ Community Partner.

As one of sixteen Lightning™ Community Partners worldwide, REDspace is a trusted go-to firm for Metrological. We work with TV operators and content developers who want to expedite the development of their Lightning-based apps. With REDspace’s reputation as a trusted hub for video excellence and innovation, this partnership allows REDspace to build new relationships and share its expertise with the world.


We’re excited to see the direction of the next release of Lightning™, with features enabling higher fidelity text, texture compression enabling faster on-device performance, and enhanced app build-time compilation steps. With Lightning™ 3.0 as the next major release of the framework, the future Metrological is building is definitely looking bright!

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