Say hi to Shubi, a new white-label streaming solution.

April 9, 2024

Long story short

Long story short

  • Streaming apps have transformed media consumption, overtaking traditional TV and gaining widespread popularity globally.
  • Shubi allows REDspace to offer customizable streaming platforms to content owners of all sizes.
  • Content owners can bring their platforms to market quickly, within budget, and with a trusted codebase, building a seamless streaming experience across devices.

It’s no secret that streaming apps have become a transformative force in how the world consumes media, reshaping the landscape of entertainment over the last decade. With a whopping 83% of US households subscribing to at least one streaming service and 1.8 billion people globally holding a video streaming platform subscription, it’s clear that the shift from traditional TV to on-demand content is universal and shows no sign of slowing.


As streaming surpasses cable and broadcast television (accounting for 38% of TV usage), and the average American dedicates over 3 hours daily to streaming, it’s clear that streaming apps have become an integral part of our daily media consumption habits. The undeniable impact of streaming continues to redefine how we watch, listen, and engage with content.

What streams are made of.

In the growing streaming landscape, the ability to stand out and control your narrative has become more important than ever. At REDspace, we think high-performing, quality video and audio streaming apps should be available to content owners of all sizes. Because of this, and after years of working with some of the largest media brands in the world, we’re excited to introduce Shubi™, a collection of all the knowledge we’ve gathered on streaming platforms distilled down into a new cutting-edge foundation toolkit. We’re not just offering a set of features; we want to collaborate with clients to redefine their presence in the streaming space.

Making premium streaming apps more accessible to content owners.

At the core of Shubi is the belief that a streaming platform should be as unique as the content it delivers. We’re empowering content owners with a modular and customizable toolkit that REDspace uses to curate an experience that mirrors their vision, giving them new access to creative control not found in other white label solutions.


It’s about connecting with larger audiences on a deeper level—with built-in accessibility across devices, from connected TV to smartphones, it makes sure content resonates wherever audiences choose to watch. This means delivering the highest quality products to market quickly, for the best value, with a proven codebase you can trust.

Want to join the world of premium streaming apps?

Level up your digital content delivery with Shubi; a multi-platform foundation that helps us build apps that incorporate top-tier features from leading streaming apps.

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