International Women’s Day: Inspiring women in tech.

March 8, 2024

This International Women’s Day, we’re coming together to #InspireInclusion and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in the ever-evolving world of tech. Despite being a male-dominated industry, there is a gradual transformation happening as women make strides to redefine the narrative. We recently sat down with a small group of women from REDspace to discuss these changes and hear their thoughts on inspiration, mentorship, and the collective power of women in tech.

Inspired by a positive shift.

In recent years, there has been a significant positive shift in the representation of women in tech roles. The data shows an encouraging increase, with women now comprising approximately 35% of the global tech workforce. While there is still work to be done, this upward trend speaks volumes about the ongoing efforts to foster diversity and inclusivity in the sector. But what is inspiring women to enter the tech industry?


“I grew up in a very conservative country where women didn’t do typical male things like playing soccer or doing something in math or physics,” said Yana, a software developer at REDspace. “But I had a very strong grandmother that worked as an engineer. She was a big inspiration for me and helped me with math and physics, which developed the logical side of my brain and eventually pushed me to start my career in Tech.”


Jocelyn, a senior front-end engineer who’s been in the industry for over 20 years, agreed that inspiration often comes from those around you. “I think that everybody has certain qualities that are unique to them that you can learn and draw inspiration from. I get inspiration from everyone I work with; they have all given me something to feel inspired by.”


Ellie, a team lead at REDspace, added, “I’m inspired by anything that energizes me and helps me stay in touch with my creativity. Anything that helps me take one step towards my goal can inspire me.”

Everybody has certain qualities that are unique to them that you can learn and draw inspiration from.

Empowering success stories.

Behind the encouraging numbers lie countless success stories of women who have not only broken through the glass ceiling but are soaring to new heights. In the discussion, the group spoke about how successful women serve as beacons of inspiration, proving that women can lead and excel in the tech world. Rosalba has been working in the tech industry for 10 years and said, “Inspiration for me comes from all the women that started with me in university. Some of them have gone on to work at places like Netflix, and others are respected professors. Seeing what they achieve… They are my motivation every day to work in the tech industry.” These women’s journeys seem to inspire others, creating a ripple effect that pushes more women to pursue and succeed in Tech roles.


Because of this, it can sometimes feel like to inspire others, you have to do something great; you have to have done an amazing thing. Ellie believes that everyone should have a role model and is capable of being one themselves. “In order to be a role model for someone else, I think it’s through my actions instead of just giving advice.” Jocelyn agreed, “I think we tend to think of inspiration as this grand concept and it has to be something big—I haven’t given a TED talk; I don’t have a platform. But really, I just try to lead by example, and I hope that’s something that helps influence not just women but anyone in the tech industry.”

Mentorship as a catalyst.

For the women we spoke with at REDspace, the driving forces behind the success of women in tech is the spirit of mentorship. For them, women supporting and inspiring each other has become a powerful path to change. Terri-Lynn, who’s been working in the industry for 15 years, feels lucky to have had an influential mentor. “My mentor, Beth, made a difference in my life when I was younger. And because mentoring was such a big part of my early career, I now mentor students myself.” The group felt that mentorship programs, both formal and informal, are creating avenues for experienced women to guide and uplift those navigating their way through the tech landscape. In their opinion, a collaborative approach fosters a sense of community and solidarity, helping women reach their full potential.

My mentor was always very good at encouraging me to have my own opinions and stand up for myself...

Stacey, a senior UX/UI designer, was also heavily influenced by a mentor that empowered her to advocate for herself as a woman in a male-dominated industry. “Sometimes on calls and in meetings, it can feel hard to have your voice heard. My mentor was always very good at encouraging me to have my own opinions and stand up for myself on calls, which was really helpful. It was inspiring for me to watch her as a professional—how she handled herself in those meetings—and I learned from those experiences as well. I also looked up to her because of the way she managed to have a successful career and raise a family, as many of us do.”

Educational empowerment.

For some women in the conversation, educational initiatives have played an important role in nurturing the pipeline of talent. A recent experience of Stacey’s left an impression on her. “I had a school reach out to me to ask if a young student could talk to me about UX design. I was happy to meet her and was impressed with the questions she prepared. She’s amazing and is definitely going places. She actually inspired me! I feel like that’s something we could all do more of.” 


The group agreed that encouraging young girls to explore STEM fields should become a shared mission. Scholarships, workshops, and outreach programs like Techsploration are providing opportunities for young women to excel in tech-related studies. The hope is, as they watch the successes of women who have gone before them, the next generation will be inspired to pursue their passions fearlessly.

<p>A recent visit to the REDspace office from our friends at Techsploration.</p>

A recent visit to the REDspace office from our friends at Techsploration.

Building supportive networks.

What became clear in the discussion was that women in tech are not just making strides individually; they have to actively work together to build supportive networks. Networking events, conferences, and online communities designed for women in tech offer platforms for shared experiences, advice, and celebration of achievements. “I used to teach at a University,” said Rosalba, “So I always tried to share my passion for tech careers with all the engineers I worked with. Now that I teach online, I try to do the same—making sure people know there are many opportunities in the industry for everyone.”


“I do my best to reach out to people who are just starting their careers,” added Yana. “I try to remember that it was also hard for me to get started, and it wasn’t that long ago—especially as an immigrant who is a self-taught developer.”

What does the future look like?

Our discussion about women in tech ended up as one of inspiration and positivity. The increasing representation, the stories of triumph, and the collaborative spirit of mentorship and support are reshaping the industry for these women from REDspace. By continuing to uplift and inspire one another, women in Tech and their allies are not just breaking barriers; they have the opportunity to collectively build a future where diversity, inclusion, and success go hand in hand. “I will say that I have been really fortunate in my career to be surrounded by people who support me—male and female,” said Terri-Lynn. “Most of the people I work with want to lift others up, answer questions, or help along the way. I feel that’s maybe not been the experience that everyone has had, but I’ve been fortunate that it’s been mine.”

How can you help?

This International Women’s Day, let’s turn our celebration into action. Everyone can help by promoting mentorship to young women around them to keep the positive momentum moving in the tech industry. Encourage them to seek mentors, and urge women in the industry to share their stories. Let’s build a future where diversity and success go hand in hand.