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The unknown is our specialty

We love operating at the forefront of uncertainty – that crazy, chaotic first wave where problems aren’t even fully defined, where digital solutions haven’t been invented yet, and where there are far more questions than answers. We understand this space, we own this space. We live, work and breathe in this space.

We call it the REDspace.

Emmy Winning App.

Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive media - User Experience And Visual Design - The Nick App • Nickelodeon


Meet the founders of REDspace

The company is in its 14th year of business. A notably fresh, flat organization empowers and infuses palpable excitement for your project. You will get to know “your guys and gals” by name, and begin to think of them as part of your team.

Mike Johnston REDspace

Mike Johnston

Mike serves as President and Managing Director.

He is a “translator,” bringing forward tactical solutions to meet strategic business challenges. A Harvard graduate, Michael has spent over a dozen years creating a unique mix of solutions to the kinds of problems faced by large companies, helping them better connect their people to drive business growth.

Today, he consults with clients in the areas of collaborative application design and strategic technology planning. It’s not about the business awards for Mike, but our many accolades for business excellence is a testament to the solid foundation that supports our innovation.

Wes Gould REDspace

Wes Gould

Wes is the COO of TeamSpace Canada and lead of the successful RedSpace division.

Under Mr. Gould’s leadership, the REDspace has worked on the Emmy award winning Nickelodeon iOS video app, the record breaking MTV VMA award’s social experience, and many other award winning media applications.

Prior to Teamspace, Mr Gould was engaged as a consultant with British Telecom (BT) before returning to Canada to create digital experiences for CBC, Teletoon, Chum and others. Mr. Gould is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University and holds degrees in Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Crew

How much does our crew love what they do? At the end of every work day, a loud cry can be heard throughout the REDspace office as the company Zamboni forcefully pushes the developers out the door. That’s the only way we can make them stop working on your projects.

How crazy good is our crew? One word… Emmy award winning. We’re so good, we don’t have time to count the words describing how good we are.

How much fun is it to work for us? Do you like open bar Christmas parties? We have those… and we don’t judge.



App Design & Development

App Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

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Game Design & Development

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A small look at our work

Why work for REDspace?

We value our people, we love our clients, and wake up every morning ready, willing and able to be our best.

We have a unique corporate culture founded on trust, integrity and respect, which allows for innovation, risk taking, creativity and new ideas. At the REDspace, you are not a cog in the wheel. You are an active, important team member that is connected to the client, connected to the solution, and enjoys a high-paced environment that sets you up for a truly great day on the job.

Our location in Nova Scotia, Canada is a very cool “oasis” of highly educated citizens who choose to live in a smaller city surrounded by pristine nature, and stunning coastlines – yet we are only 1.5 hour flight from New York City. Our traditional seafaring roots give our region that small, hometown feel. We are friendly, neighbourly, and hold onto a strong musical and creative culture. Our capital city status, coupled with the most Universities per capita in Canada, means we are an intelligent, hip, trendy crowd that enjoys a thriving indie music and arts scene, and an array of interesting clubs, pubs and restaurants. The fact that it all happens within a small and cozy region, means you can enjoy all this big city fun, but always run into someone you know.


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