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Become digitally literate in a modern digital world. Gain control and advantage with environments scaled to your needs focused on trust, security, access, and the highest level of performance.

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Our unique experience sets us apart.

REDspace is a leading global enterprise software partner at the frontline of streaming development in the entertainment and learning industries—where performance, fast response to changing technologies, and the ability to scale are required for success.


This experience gives us a unique perspective on the fundamental elements of Integrated Data Environments (IDEs), giving you an unrivaled understanding of the performance of your program and its equipment and personnel.

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Find full integration with our Unified Digital Framework™

A next-generation Integrated Data Environment (IDE) solution purpose-built for the Defence industry that can act as the integration backbone of your operational and in-service support programs.

Discover what we can do together.

Take control of your training systems by joining our growing list of providers who are leading digital transformation in the defence industry and gaining an edge on human performance.

Cyber resilience

Keep systems safe while still allowing interoperability and effective use. Identify and organize your priorities and apply cybersecurity best practices appropriately, allowing you to assess and understand your risks of using different technologies.

Data analytics

Capturing and tracking data in a consolidated system and utilizing machine learning will make reporting easy to surface, query, and adapt over time. This gives your data the ability to inform, change, and improve the overall user experience.

Scales for you

Back-end deployment models, platforms integrated with commercial off-the-shelf solutions, custom user experiences—our solutions are built to scale as your personnel training needs advance.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to lift your organization to new heights.

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Focused on Canadian defence

Canadian Controlled Goods registered company with all direct/indirect work being performed in Canada (100% CCV).

Canadian supplier development

100% Canadian owned and operated SME with commercialization excellence and defined product and service offerings.

~5M self-funded R&D

Innovation focus which includes working with affiliated/contractual partnerships as well as Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Export driven business model

With multiple Exporter of the Year awards in our region, our projects allow for significant export and future sales opportunities.

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