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The Powerpuff Girls

Client: Cartoon Network

The Powerpuff Girls website reintroduces the girls (and Mojo Jojo) in a big way.

But how do you engage an audience who is unfamiliar with the brand and is more concerned with computers and phones than traditional TV? You put them right in the middle of the action.

The Ask

Following its debut on the channel in 1998, The Powerpuff Girls dominated the animated television scene (while kicking tons of monster butt, of course).

Now, almost 20 years later, the three superhero sisters - Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup - were soaring back to TV screens. However, the brand new Cartoon Network series presented new challenges; their die-hard fans had all grown up and moved on. Cartoon Network EMEA needed to introduce the girls to an entirely new demographic across Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

The Solution

Capitalizing on the show’s unique humour, we created a responsive website where users were able to experience The Powerpuff Girls universe in an entirely new way.

The website rolls out just like an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, where they try and defeat their arch nemesis MoJo Jojo as he tries desperately to take over the site. Mojo Jojo, and his continued efforts to gain control of the site, were key in appealing a broader demographic.

With dynamic transitions and engaging, colourful designs, users had no idea what would happen at every click. Animations were an important focus as well as keeping the size of the site small in order to get the users to the content as quickly as possible and really bring the experience to life. The team accomplished this by using cutting edge techniques that pushed the limits of modern browsers. The website was available in 18 different languages and built for a wide range of devices so all users, no matter how trendy their tech, could enjoy the experience.

See the website here:

The Results

The site launched in April 2016 and has Powerpuff Girls fans, both new and old, across 18 countries throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) delighted and excited for the new show. The Powerpuff Girls has been Cartoon Network EMEA’s most successful microsite of 2016. The site was also recognized internationally for its innovative design and development, including being named CSS Winner Site of the Month, a prestigious award from the global platform commending and showcasing the best websites and ground-breaking web design.