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MTV Gifit

Client: MTV

Allowing over 30,000 viewers to capture their favourite gif-worthy MTV Video Music Awards moments in real-time.

Who doesn’t love finding the perfect .gif to share with their friends? Well, what better way to increase online engagement during a live event, full of shareable content, than MTV’s very own animated gif maker built by REDspace?

The Ask

MTV was looking to increase engagement during live events through share-worthy content during the MTV Video Music Awards. Not only on the site itself but also to trend on other social channels to encourage new visitors.

The Solution

And thus, GifIt was born. REDspace developed a gif-maker/server that could take video content from multi-camera applications during the live event and allow viewers to create their own, customized three-second animated gifs in real time. Users were then able to share their awesome custom gifs on social media and include a live event hashtag which helped increase site visitation. From Miley’s tongue wagging to NSYNC’s reunion, there was a ton of great content being talked about through gifs on all social channels. Now that’s a lot of twerking.

The Results

Apart from enjoying the live event, viewers were furiously keying in their favourite moments 20 seconds after it aired live, and just as quickly sharing their gifs on social media and blog channels. MTV expected to see 8,000 gifs as a target success metric, and in testing, our technology was able to process 1500 gifs per minute, resulting in over 30,000 unique gifs being made.

Due to its success, the component is still available on to create gifs all year long based on their On Demand content as well as during live events.