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IBM Advanced Sales Coaching

Client: IBM

IBM sales leaders use interactive web experience to engage with training information.


People learn in many different ways, even if they do the exact same job. This is why IBM and REDspace teamed up to create a truly engaging gamified experience to enhance its sellers’ coaching skills. Because hey, why not make learning fun?

The Ask

IBM was looking for a tool to help their sales leaders enhance their coaching and mentoring skills. Since sales leaders have limited time, and because there are many potential topic areas, IBM needed a way to provide a variety of information to many people in a quick and engaging way.

The Solution

Like many projects, this was a time where multiple REDspace departments – design, games, web development – brought their expertise to the table in a collaboration masterpiece. IBM Advanced Sales Coaching, a responsive web platform built by REDspace, provides a more interactive experience for users.

Through breaking down the information into specific bundles, it allows the users to pick and choose the topics they want to learn more about. Gamified elements are incorporated and the users earn points upon completing quizzes at the end of each topic. Special activities within bundles, such as video simulations and a “Show what you name” game, allow users to enjoy a varied experience and also show their mastery in different ways. The more points a user has, the higher their rank. A special “Practice and Feedback” activity ties the site in with a real face to face meeting between the user and a “Coach”. The animated design of the quizzes and other elements makes exploring the content fun and engaging, while different colours show your progress within the bundle components.

Also, to cater to different types of learners and keep engagement levels high, the content is delivered in multiple forms from video to documents.

The Results

The site is currently in pilot with over 600 users, and will eventually be shared with the target audience of over 6000 users. Initial user feedback is positive, and it is anticipated that the majority of the 600 pilot users will have completed at least three bundles by the end of the 2015. Once more bundles are added and the site is deployed to the full target audience, the benefits for sales managers and their sellers are expected to be huge. Stay tuned!