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Client: Industrial Brothers, CBC Kids, The Jim Henson Company, & the Bell Fund

Empowering kids to observe the world and connect, explore, and create using technology.

The Ask

Last year, the world was taken by storm by a funny, tech-savvy eight-year-old with an enormous thirst for adventure and knowledge - Dot.

To help kids mimic their favourite animated TV character and encourage learning, REDspace partnered with Industrial Brothers, CBC Kids, The Jim Henson Company, and the Bell Fund to build a digital companion piece.


The Solution

Dotopedia is an encyclopedia-styled app for iOS and Android acting as a resource to assist kids in actively and passively navigating the world around them. It promotes content creation, learning, and play, all within a closed network.

Dotopedia comes preloaded with over 300 different article topics, extending the Dot. universe and enticing kids to explore a myriad of articles before creating their own. Kids are encouraged to populate the Dotopedia database with pictures, audio clips, and stories about anything they want. Guided by Dot, users earn rewards by completing in-app activities that focus on digital integration of their immediate environments.

The Results

Since launching in November 2016, the app has enjoyed over 45,000 downloads. In addition, the app was featured in the App Store, and has ranked #1 in Kids 6-8 downloads in over 10 countries worldwide, including Canada and the US.

Dotopedia has also created buzz among the tech world, receiving a glowing review from Common Sense Media, touting it as “Wikipedia with Training Wheels,” and positive praise by other parent-trusted review sites as well.