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REDspace Launches First VR Title

We are so excited to be launching REDspace’s first VR game, Gunball, today!. It’s available on Steam for HTC Vive. Over the last six months, our passionate team has been hard at work on this wonderful and crazy sports game, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. But where did Gunball come from?

To experiment with new technologies and continue to hone our skills, we developed a crazy and unique VR prototype called Gunball. Throughout its development, I had a steady stream of people coming over to my desk to try it out, often repeat visitors. Word of mouth spreads quickly in our office and, as a result, a lot of buzz was generated throughout REDspace.

Because of the overwhelming response we received with the prototype, we thought “why not let other people enjoy this wacky and addicting game?” So over the months that followed, our team collaborated and worked diligently to refine the game and make it into an experience we can be proud of. This took play testing, iteration, and learning a ton about VR design and development along the way.

For those who don’t know what Gunball is, it’s a brand new sport-shooter where players serve balls up with one hand, and blast them into nets using a revolver in their other hand. Talk about hard core, right?  It’s a game that is not only extremely accessible for people who have never played VR, but also has a high skill ceiling so that experienced hardcore players can really dig in and rack up a massive score.

This makes it the perfect game to show to your friends who have never tried VR before, as well as a great experience for those who want to show off their skills and really compete. The game supports local and online leaderboards for each level, allowing you to compete against your friends at home, and everyone else in the world!

During our launch week, we are offering a 35% discount, which brings the price down to $9.75 USD! It’s a great deal, so take advantage of it while you can!

We’re incredibly excited for this release, and we hope to see you all fight for the top spots on the leaderboards! We know we will be.