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Put Your Phone Down for the Holidays

Can you imagine life without your phone? Personally, if someone took mine away I don’t know if i could go on. Sounds dramatic but I’m serious. I use it for everything and check it more often than I’d like to admit. As a society, we are very dependent on our devices. They have become an extension of us – both for good and for bad.

But as a company who has built a business around creating engaging interactive experiences, even we understand that there is a time and place to disconnect – the holidays being one of them. To help everyone do just that, we’ve created Put Your Phone Down for iOS and Android.

The Put Your Phone Down app keeps track of the amount of time you spend off of your phone. Being aware makes getting (and staying) off your phone easier while allowing you to earn achievements and share your time with friends.

So who’s up for challenging their friends to see who can stay off their phones the longest?

Happy phone-free Holidays!