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Gunball Release Date Announced

Gunball is coming to Steam on June 28.

As previously announced, the VR sports meets shooter hybrid game created by REDspace’s games team will be available for HTC VIVE.

Gunball is a fictional arena sport where players try out for the “Gunball League.” The approach is simple and fun – similar to tennis, players serve up balls but instead of striking them with rackets, they shoot the balls with guns, rocketing them high into the air. The main goal is to shoot balls into goal rings for points, accumulating the highest score possible before time expires. Depending on which moves work best, players can pick up balls, dribble balls by bouncing them off the ground and catching it for a second before throwing balls in the air to be shot.

“With Gunball we wanted to provide players with a fun, engrossing experience that anyone could instantly understand and be drawn to,” says Jeremy McCurdy, Gunball Game Designer and Games Technical Lead at REDspace. “Built around a comfortable experience but with a deep level of skill underneath it, we feel this game is perfect for whether you want a quick diversion for a few games or if you want to play for hours solo or with friends.”

Starting next week, fans who preorder will receive the game for $9.75, a 35% discount off the full retail price.

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