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Building a Knowledge Sharing Culture

Alex Dodge
Nov 23

In this article find out why knowledge sharing in any professional collective is important, and how to facilitate it.


Part 1: Why Share Knowledge?

It’s About the Information

Promoting Self-Learning

Exposing General Expertise and Unique Skill Sets

Encouraging Question Asking and Open Discussion


Part 2: How do I do it?

It Grows From the Top Down

Start Small

Knowledge Sharing Methods

Short Share

Tech Share

Lunch and Learn

Knowledge Sharing Forum

Pair Programming

Sharing in the Global Community


Whether you’re an entry level employee or the president of a company, there is always something you can do to help grow the knowledge sharing culture within your current professional collective. Start small, choose interesting and relevant topics, document the value, seek the buy-in of senior employees, and continue to attempt new things! Given a bit of time and effort, you’ll start to see the change from an open and active knowledge sharing culture.

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