Digital experiences that help empower brands


What we do

For 15 years, REDspace has been pushing digital boundaries and creating unforgettable interactive experiences. We help our partners achieve unrivalled results by building ideas and technologies that drive the digital side of their business while telling their amazing stories. Our award-winning design and development services are amongst the best in North America.

  • Website Development
  • UI & UX Experience Design
  • Full Stack Video Hosting & Delivery
  • Interactive Business Applications
  • Consoles (i.e. XBox and Playstation)
  • iOS & Android App Development
  • Original IP Content Development
  • Design & Animation
  • Advanced Hosting Experience
  • Live Event Experiences
  • Voting Platforms
  • Game Production
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TV
  • AR & VR
  • VOD & SVOD Apps

Simply put, we zig when everyone else zags.

We’re not your typical interactive studio, and we like it that way. It’s one of the many reasons why the world’s biggest entertainment brands have trusted us to handle their digital business for over a decade. We’re an integral part of their teams. Plus, no other company in North America works at the level we do, with the calibre of clients we do.

REDspace Hard at work

A few of the amazing partners we work with.

The People

150. That’s the number of talented people we have creating award-winning interactive experiences for top international brands like Viacom, IBM, and many more. With teams dedicated to specific technologies, we’re constantly swapping knowledge to figure out the best solutions. And we have an absolute blast doing it.

Vignesh Badrinarayanan
Chris Baltzer
Scott Beckwith
Karen Bell
Terri-Lynn Boehler
Nick Bolger
Danielle Booker
Chris Brennan
Christopher Bright
Nick Brunt
Will Burns
Angela Campbell
Jason Cantfell
Harman Clair
Chris Coals
Stacey Cochrane
Chad Cole
Brad Crowe
Michael Cunningham
Neil Davies
Luke DeWitt
Matthew Dease
Keegan Dillman
Chris Dwyer-Perkins
Alex Edghill
Eric Ernst
Jayde Fanjoy
Mo Farajmandi
Nick Fenton
Connor Fraser
David Gallant
Lucas Gardiner
Alex Garnett
Shawn Gillam-Wright
Jennifer Gillis
Thomas Gillis
Torry Glen-Higgins
Wes Gould
Charles Greene
Michael Hackett
Andrew Hamilton
Christian Hapgood
Alex Hart
Nancy Hartling
Jed Hubic
Bob Huggard
Matt Jaeschke
Troy Jenkins
Mike Johnston
Angela Johnston
Faisal Kabir
Shane Kerr
Taina Leal
Jennifer Leclerc
Justin Lee
Grant Lindsay
Corey Lines
Brennan MacDonald
Riley MacDonald
Nicole MacDougall
Anthony Mah
Aaron Malley
Ian Marquette
Bethany Martin
Jay McCurdy
Jeremy McCurdy
Nathan McDonald
Luke McKeen
Mark McKenna
Christine McKenzie
Jacob Menard
David Michaud
Arya Mirdjalali
Andy Moore
Monica Mora
Mike Munro
Chris Nasser
Sonja Nelson
Elizabeth Nickerson
Daphne North
Sarah Padovani
Mark Pearce
Shawn Pelley
Robin Poirier
Jenn Priske
Arjun Rathinasamy
Mike Rudolph
Lourens Schep
Frank Schmidt
Arno Schuurhof
Stephen Segal
Greg Sewart
Stephen Skurka
Tyler Smith
Brent Smith
Stephen Smith
Jamie Stackhouse
Thomas Steinhaeuser
Cory Sullivan
Chris Toms
Patti Townsend
Carolina Urquhart
Trevor Watkinson
Adam Weaver
Janet Wilson
Jamie Wutke
Dmitriy Zakharov